What is Web accessibility?

It is the ability to access content independently of the person or context.

Keyboard shortcuts

The following access keys are available to facilitate navigation through this website:

0 – Home 1 – Our Company 2 – Projects 3 – Contracting 4 – Contact us

The use of the access keys is conditioned by the browser:

Internet Explorer: ALT + shortcut. ENTER
Firefox: ALT + Shift + shortcut
Google Chrome: ALT + shortcut
Opera: Shift + ESC + shortcut
Safari: CTRL + shortcut
Level of accessibility
This website has been designed taking into account the criteria of the WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guide. We are currently working to meet WCAG 2.2 accessibility criteria, with an AA level.

It is designed for its correct visualization on desktop, tablet and mobile devices (Responsive).

Date of the last WCAG level check of the website: March 2023, through the tool provided by

Documents not accessible

Some documents, such as PDF files, or .DOC documents, may not be accessible. If you have problems downloading or reading documents published on our website, you may request a copy in the format of your choice, whenever possible, by sending your request to the contact email address.

Text size

Fonts with relative sizes have been used so that if the user prefers a larger font he can select it through the text size options of his browser, usually Ctrl+ (control plus) to enlarge, Ctrl- (control minus) to reduce.

Page structure

This portal is designed with a common format for all pages so that the familiarization with the content of the same is simple to achieve a better navigation for all users.

The pages are composed, roughly speaking, of the following areas:

  • Header, with access to the home page, contact form, access to the English and Spanish versions and advanced search engine.
  • Main navigation menu, with the main options of the web.
  • Central content area that will vary depending on whether the page is the main page of the site, a subhome, summary, document or advanced search engine.
  • Footer, which includes the company’s legal information.

External sites

Some of the links may take you to sites external to this website, such as Google Maps, Google Transit, Facebook, etc., that ARE NOT ACCESSIBLE or MAY NOT BE ACCESSIBLE but are important to some users. In these cases AGG Consulting is not aware of their accessibility levels and warns users with disabilities that they may encounter problems when following these links.

Help us to improve

We are aware that there is room for improvement, so we work every day to achieve this goal. If you encounter any difficulty in accessing, you want to make a query or contribution, you can do it in the contact mail

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